Friday, January 18, 2013

Native American Wedding Vase Ceremony

       The traditional Native American wedding ritual in which the bride and groom share water from a two-spouted vase is gaining popularity with modern couples. The ritual fits nicely in an outdoor ceremony such as Pat and Julie's farm wedding that took place in front of a field of ripe corn.

       In this ceremony, the bride and groom take turns drinking from a single vase to symbolize the life they will share as husband and wife. The two separate spouts remind them that they will remain two separate and unique individuals even as their lives become one.

       As Pat and Julie drank from the vase, I said: "Pat and Julie, as you share this life-sustaining water from two spouts, so may each of you share contentment, comfort and happiness from the common cup of your marriage. May you find life's joys great, its bitterness sweetened, and all things enriched by your companionship and love."

       Indian Wedding Vases come in a wide variety of designs and make a beautiful memento of your special day. Vases can be purchased from My Spiritual Wedding

       Here are a couple of examples:

       After your Indian Wedding Vase ritual a Native American blessing would be appropriate. There are several of these that are used in modern wedding ceremonies. This one is a Navajo Wedding Blessing: 

Be swift like the wind in loving each other.
Be brave like the sea in loving each other.
Be gentle like the breeze in loving each other.
Be patient like the sun who waits and watches
the four changes of the earth in loving each other.
Be shining like the morning dawn in loving each other.
Be proud like the tree who stands without bending in loving each other.
Be brilliant like the rainbow colors in loving each other.

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